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“Shame on you for buying designer dupes!”

After hearing multiple luxury addicts say that, I started to justify their claims. Negative connotations attached with being cheap, poor quality and disrespect towards designer’s artistic ideas started to repulse me from the thought of getting dupes. When the price tag is just ridiculous, my coping mechanism is to simply lust over them till that craving subsides. But with the tittle of the post, you probably guessed that I obviously had a change of mind.

the Princetown Gucci slippers have been seen basically on every feet of fashion bloggers out there. My personal thoughts changed constantly since I first saw them circling around the internet.

“It’s whatever”–> “It’s such a sell-out”–>”I’ll never buy it”–>”Maybe I’ll like it”–> “I need it now!!”

It only make sense that I progressed to stalking netaporter and farfetch, then YouTube videos on product reviews and finally the Gucci website. But I never made the leap of faith with the 875AUD price tag. This is contrary to my normal mind set of not needing full commitment with the purchase as I can always return them. Up till now, I can not see myself spending that much money on a pair of slippers, especially that I’ve never been a flats kind of girl. Despite multiple sources labelling them as the new classics, I just don’t see it happening.

Then I stumbled upon a UK brand called “EGO shoes” ,which I will put under the same category like “Public Desires”.  They had a range of the slippers’ dupes with a few colour selection and some other models and I was quite intrigued.


Scepticism on product quality is one of those things that I always have with dupes but the stitching looked neat, leather seem durable and the embroidery look very legit as well. So I placed my order, knowing that the reasonable price reduces the level of risk and so the anxiety I had. A self-proclaimed online shopping addict is a tittle of mine that receives acknowledgements from my closest friends. But when you shop online too much, it starts to take away that excitements and anticipation you get when waiting for the order arrival. I’m now quite distant from those emotions but this order somehow reignited that passion which made me tore through the parcel the moment I locked my bedroom door.

And I just can’t believe the quality on these slippers. Just like the pictures, the leather is shiny and hold the slippers’ structure very well. The flower embroidery is also incredibly neat and the soles are reasonably cushioned so they are comfortable to wear. The edges are far from being rough and will never cause blisters on your feet.

Definitely  be a little careful with sizing if you have wider feet as the tips protrudes inward so they might rub against your toes a little. Maybe I’m just not used to slippers but I also have to point out that absence of traction on the soles makes me very cautious of slipping on the floor. There are downsides with the slippers  but overall they don’t look or feel cheap at all and definitely the best bargain I’ve made this year.



The slippers range between £24.99-£29.99 and if you signed up for their email subscription, there is an additional 15% off the total price (code: NEWEGO) which is an awesome deal!!! Putting side-to-side comparison of the two, I still think the dupes are such a steal. What do you guys think?

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EGO (43AUD) v Gucci (875AUD)


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Tips on Dressing Taller

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Throw back to 2015, I was quite surprised when a few people started complementing my height growth. Probably because I have been away for a while so I seemed to have grown quite a bit when in fact it was not much at all. A rubbish explanation my friend gave was that the difference in gravity is what ‘stretched’ me but let’s be honest, it was probably just late puberty :’D. I still wish I can grow a bit taller but it just came into an abrupt halt once I reached 164 cm (5’3 ft for you American readers).

I’d like to think I’m in a pretty good place measured for Asian standards but having to tilt my head up to look at Australian secondary school students hurts my 20 year-old girl pride just a little.  I’d be lying to say height does not affect the way clothes look on people and that taller people seem to get away with clothes of different fits better than us shorties. The elongated look tends to be what the mass goes after but there are definitely ways to work around that. Please note that I’m not trying to force my opinion on others and I’m just sharing some know-hows that I picked up after experimenting with myself and observing other people. So here are my top 5 tips on it!

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1. Match your bottom with your shoes:

 I am 99% sure that the majority has at least one black jeans or something neutral of the sort. If you actually paired the same coloured pants and shoes together, you get yourself that continuous flow down instead of a break in between your leg and your feet. Don’t limit yourself to just black though, difference shades of tan is also a great option you can go for!


Those statement heel blocks are perfections

2. Go pointy:

Instead of round tipped, go for V-shaped cut for your footwear. This slims down your feet to a point and add a hint of edge to your outfit. Think of its function like a tip-toe. It does not only apply for boots in winter but you can go different styles (ps: they are really on trend too, so win-win situation for you)IMG_5650


3. Stretch your legs:

And I don’t mean it in the literal way but attempt to create that illusion. A top tip that works every time is to lengthen your lower body by compensating it with your upper. This diagram sums it up for you and you’ll be able to understand what I mean.


Excuse the crappy edit but my point is longer tops tend to hide your hide, so show it off with the right pieces:)

You don’t even need cropped tops if it’s not functional price or purpose wise to make it work. You can just tuck in the front part inside high-waisted jeans, jam a corner into a pocket or or bundle it in a knot.

4. Ditch the heels for platform anything!

Heels serves two purpose; a look elevating accessory and a torture device. I’m a believer that beauty often equals pain and heels is the perfect example for this! So a good alternative will be inserting platform whether it be a few centimetre block heeled shoe, mules, or going all out with chunky-brick soles like T.U.K creepers. You don’t have to compensate comfort and can still rock them to different occasions.


I’m mules-obsessed!!

5. Know your body type!!!

Instead of getting stuck in a toxic cycle of  depression over imperfect body parts that you can’t really change, try to focus on enhancing the features you have! Ultimately, you have to work with what you got so try to shift your attention to your strengths or to improve in the areas you are lacking in. In order to do that, you have to know your body type and cater to its needs.  I have a planned blog post coming up regarding dressing right for your body type so keep an eye out if you’re interested!

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I know these tips might seem obvious to some but sometimes you just need that reminder to keep you motivated cause fashion is just pure fun and there will always be something for everyone out there. Hope you all can take something away from this post and have enjoyed the post:)

ps: None of the actual photos belong to me. I’m just here collaging and editing  them so full credit goes to their respective owners.