Favourite Fashion Bloggers You Have to Follow!

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Clothes is more than what many view as ‘materialistic tangibles’ and as we know it is also a medium of expression, representing your voice without actually having to say a word. It is also like a window where you can take a sneak peak into a person’s thoughts and interest without actual engagements. Sense of style is something that is very individualistic and personal but let’s be real, not everyone is born with the skill to actually dress themselves well. Lucky enough that we are living in this digital age where it’s so easy to access fashion inspirations online. Being stuck in a slump where you just don’t know what to wear is a very common occurrence which I bet happen even to those at the top of their game. So never be guilty of taking inspiration from another person then adapting it into your own!

I am listing down four of my favourite fashion bloggers/ influencers that I’ve been looking up to for the past few years. Many comes and goes but these are the top list curated based their amazing sense of style and my pure respect for what they do. I’m pretty sure they are no strangers to you so see if they are one of your favourites too!

Jenn Im “clothesencounters”


Starting with thrifting her clothes from Goodwill and vintage shops, Jenn is perhaps the most versatile fashion icon that exist out there. Her ability to rock different looks in her petite frame is perhaps why she cater to such a broad spectrum of demographics. Boldness with mix and match-ing plus accessory game that’s always on point is, I think, her winning factor. Her vivacious personality and contagious laugh is another thing unique to her and one thing she teach her audience is to never give a damn about what others think. I have been watching her religiously for the past 5 years and I’m so proud and happy for all her achievements. She totally deserves it!


 Samantha Maria


Have you ever seen someone for the first time and feel that instant connection which you can’t really explain? Well, I had that with Samantha the moment I watched her very first video. And this proves true with a recent incident where I basically bought a pair of EGO slippers and Mango jacket to find out the very next day, she uploaded her videos where she bought the exact same thing! Am I just exaggerating and was it pure coincidence? Maybe. Nevertheless I just adore her so much! She rotates between classy, elegant, sporty and casual without being over the top and that’s what I love so much about her.


 Lizzy Hadfield “Shot From The Street”


Lizzy to me is the epitome of sophisticated contemporary British fashion blogger. Super timeless, minimalistic, quite preppy but overflowing with edginess, she always works her height to her advantage. I would say she is highly trend-forward in terms of her choices of luxury purchases but somehow manages to thoughtfully make timeless picks majority of the time. Her dedication to her YouTube series ‘Testing Basics’ definitely deserves two thumbs up and I can see nothing but success for her future career!


 Aimee “Song of style”


To be completely honest, I just got into her the past year or so and what can I say? Inspiring fashion blogger and also succesful girl boss who has earned herself a secured position in the fashion blogging world. She does gravitate towards designer brands but I would say people can always do one of those ‘look-for-less’ and take away inspirations from her posts. She’s just screaming chic-meets-elegance and I’ll die to take a sneak peak into he closet right now.


So, did I mentioned any of your favourite fashion icons above? I would love to know who or what inspire your choice of clothing in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed the post and definitely look into these girls more! 100% sure you won’t call it a waste of time!

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