2 Posts & 7 Months later…


I initially made this blog for a couple of reasons that is:

  1. I wanted to express my interest in fashion through a ‘safe’ medium. This saying that the blog is supposed to be like my second cosy bedroom but just with the addition of a few new roommates who hopefully share the same passion as I do.
  2. I needed to rediscover the joy and freedom I once had from writing that was slowly turning into a love-hate relationship as uni assignments started piling up.
  3. I simply had the urge to hold myself accountable for something that I am fully responsible for. Quite silly isn’t it, to be willingly signing up for an extra workload that is probably quite unecessary. But hey, I think I’m probably not the only one.


However, it’s been seven months and I barely made any progress or have ever even made the simple effort of logging back in. To be honest I couldn’t even care less if the whole thing slowly turns into one of those mouldy archives on the internet never to be seen or heard of ever again. Sounds quite dramatic, but it’s true.


In my nearly 20 years of life, I have never been one to set any new year resolutions. I was pretty comfortable where I was with planning out my daily schedule on my phone. Perhaps I was secretly quite proud of it too knowing some people I know could barely believe I schedule my day on hourly basis to the ton a good day (*most find it quite annoying and stressful to be honest ;p). But just when I thought 2017 is just going to be another plain, standard year, life decided to just completely reroute me off my original track. I was not derailed though, just directed on to a new path, a better one.


It’s a lengthy journey which I will rather not touch upon on this post but in a nutshell, things just started falling into place. I started challenging myself, doing things that I procrastinated over the years. I stopped playing victim and decided to “woman-up”. Majority of it has paid off, some I’m still uncertain of and will probably still be left guessing for quite a while.


Success is possibly one of the biggest source of empowerment that one can ever source from within. Cumulatively I just got charged with this boost of motivation coming after I successfully break one barrier after another. And so I have decided to leverage this into this platform of mine. Starting from scratch, with the new clean sheet of plain paper, I have made the commitment to dedicate more time and effort into this blog. Long and hard was I thinking alright over the past week or so; whether I can keep my words and whether it will all be worth it in the end.  After weighing everything up I think regret will be a more unfavourable outcome compared to the lost hours of planning, hard work and time I could be investing elsewhere.


Realistic goals will be the key so for myself, a good quality post a week is a good starting point to get me into the rhythm. Noting this is not my full time occupation, I will prioritise other things whenever necessary without letting myself fall into a slump of excuses and further procrastination.


So here goes nothing.

The last thing I would want to see myself doing is logging into the same blog with 3 posts, 7 months later.


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