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It’s almost the end of winter here in Australia and we, Melbournians, just can’t wait to say goodbye to the miserable chilly days and are so ready to welcome the warmer months of spring. But a good old post of inspiring outfit ideas using monochromatic closet staples will never hurt as there is always room for black and white posts on my blog. I compiled some looks from aspiring fashion icons and you will probably know who some of my them are by the end of the post. Maybe you can draw some inspirations from them too and add your personal little twist to make it your own! Enjoy 😀


  1. White blouse: Nothing will beat a freshly-ironed crisp white blouse. Highly recommend getting an over-sized piece with the basic shade of white for a start but also try styling different cuts and lengths as they are always fun to play with. Also a very handy layering base for winter!




  1. Black moto jacket: You will never regret investing in a good quality leather jacket as it will last you a life time! Coming in different styles and model, the classic outer wear is one that is going to stay on trend for years to come. Adding an instant element of chic and masculinity, it is easily adaptable to different sense of styles.


  1. The high-waisted black skinnies: When in doubt, go black. Any black jeans will do but skinnies are just body-hugging and they elongate your legs paired with a black top.  As much as I hate jean shopping, I will go on the hunt for the perfect pair of black skinnies as they are a definite must have whether ankle grazed, plain or ripped. Once again it’s very versatile and I’m guilty of owning more than necessary.


  1. Monochrome oxford/ brogues/ loafers : Maybe the most unexpected on the list but they add just the perfect touch of preppiness without turning geeky. Toss them on and you have an effortless put together look for the day.


  1. The LBB: Of course I’m not retracting my original statement that the little black bag is a good addition to anyone’s wardrobe. You don’t have to buy a designer handbag as there are endless good options on the market.


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I’ve always find product suggestions really useful so here are some affordable pieces to achieve a similar look.

White blouse

Black moto jacket

Black skinnies

Oxford shoes

Black bag

*none of these photos are mine so full credit goes to the original owners.





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