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It’s been engrained in people’s mind how the ever so famous LBD (aka little black dress) is a ‘must-have’ staple in every girl’s wardrobe. The piece has been making regular appearance in almost every single YouTube video titled ‘My Closet Staple’ that I have clicked on, which is no surprise really. To tell you the truth I am shamelessly breaking that unwritten rule as I have not found the one black dress that will always deliver versatility as everyone has been promising and raving about. Don’t get me wrong, I think the LBD does belong on the list but I would like to nominate a contender which I think is just equally as versatile, if not more and that is the LBB, “The Little Black Bag”. This does come attached with a side of bias being the shoe and bag lover I am but hey, I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this way (*I hope not :p) With endless options in the market, the pursuit for the right bag is not as easy as it looks. Size, texture, shape, material, price, quality, trend, brand, urghh it’s got just as much elements to it as a maths equation lol. But seriously though, finding a bag that you love does require thoughtful consideration, research and a bit of luck.

 Going back to the main purpose of this post, I am going to review a bag that I just purchased that is the ‘YSL Monogram Blogger Bag’. To give you some back story, I was on the hunt for a casual bag for everyday wear such as eating out or for the movies. Handbags was out of the question as I want to be as care free as possible. I did consider other options: ‘Gucci Soho Disco’ and ‘Prada Textured Leather Camera Bag’. The Gucci bag retails for 1365AUD and the Prada camera bag is going for 1261AUD (*as of August 2016). However, there are just some things about them that I did not like such as the design, material and strap hence the YSL Blogger bag.                                                        IMG_0945

Truthfully the bag was not love at first sight but it was definitely on my radar for a substantial period of time. Long story short I saw them on a few YouTubers’ videos namely The Persian Babe, Melissa Soldera and Inthefrow and the flame within me was reignited again. Initially I was put off by the size but after watching their reviews multiple times and contemplating on them I decided the bag was the one. I told myself: “Okay, just get it first and then if you don’t like it you can always get your money back.” But seriously, who was I trying to trick? My fully sane mind was 100% aware that once the beauty is in my arms, it’s going nowhere.


Bag description :

The blogger bag is a cross body bag from calfskin with a 62 cm thin strap, dimension (12x11x5.5cm). It has got the iconic YSL gold hardware logo on the front, a slit pocket at the back, chained tassel, inner leather lining and 4 card slots inside as well.

First Impression :

I placed the order with a Far fetch boutique from Italy and the bag arrived immediately in Melbourne, within a week or less. It was securely packaged and I was thrilled to get the actual YSL black box (* you might have to request them if ordering elsewhere). It came with the essential leather sample, black dust bag and the authenticity card. However, my heart dropped when I examined the bag closely as there were very faint almost dragged-like line which was apparently the calfskin folding. It was only apparent under direct light and I think with wear and tear the wrinkles will appear sooner or later anyway. Considering having to ship it back, the waiting time and the fact that they were such minimal defect I decided to keep them.

What fits inside?

Carrying a ton load of stuff has never been my thing so this bag is just perfect for my minimalistic essentials. I can easily slip in my sunglasses, oil paper, a few cards, keys and my IPhone 6 with no problem. I could have probably put in a tissue pack, and a few makeup stuff if I wanted to as the bag is deceivingly quite spacious. Fair warning though: If you are a girl who has to have her wallet, makeup pouches and agenda at all time, I’m telling you straight up, this is NOT the bag for you. You will be better off with the Gucci Soho in my opinion.


Brought this little baby for brunch the next day with my sister and I have to say firstly that it goes with almost all of my outfits and also it was very fuss free. We went out for a good couple of hours and I had no trouble whatsoever with it. Now might not be the best time to put a review as I have yet to wear it out a lot but I can say that for now:

Positive aspects:

  • Thin strap does not dig into your skin, nor will it slip off your jacket (*plus point when it’s chilly outside)
  • Very versatile to dress down casually or dress it up for parties and dinner
  • As mentioned it fits a ton of my essentials
  • Very fuss free design wise.

Negative aspects:

  • You do have to downsize if you are thinking of carrying more than bare necessities. Based on some reviews, you can just barely fit an iPhone 6s without a casing in so it might be a big turn off for some.
  • The smooth calfskin makes it quite unforgiving and more prone to scratches and folds. Once again, will suggest opting for the textured leather on Gucci Soho or YSL Camera bag if you are quite clumsy.

Will I recommend it?

  • Aesthetic wise: I personally find the design very timeless especially with the YSL gold/silver logo in the centre. Choosing a neutral colour like black is almost a 100% risk free as well. Though some argue it is tailored for summer use I will say it is even more practical for winter when you just want to keep things simple and chic.
  • Am I getting my money’s worth? For close to a 1000AUD I will say that this bag is a bag that I will gravitate towards throughout the year for the next 3-4 years at least. So yes, I am planning to wear the crap out of it.
  • As an investment piece: I would not say the model is a classic to YSL itself. The suggestion is based on my limited knowledge of designer brands but it might be worth looking into the YSL Sac De Jour or the Croc-embossed leather chain clutch.IMG_0951
  • Considering the price, I can’t stress enough on size and it’s definitely not for everyone. If you are after a similar design, you can look into the Gucci and YSL bag I have linked below;)

For putting up with my endless blabber, I have linked all the useful YouTube reviews down below in addition to the different websites stocking the bag. I have also noted down some pros and cons just to guide you through my thought process when making the purchase if you are interested. Overall I am a very happy girl at the end of the day and I hope the review and information can be of any help for those considering the bag ;D


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Bag availability (+ my pros and cons)

(*Prices as of August 2016)

  1. YSL Website (1155 AUD inc tax)

-out of stock most time so you might have to sign up for their waiting list.

  1. Net-a-porter (1155 AUD inc tax)


  1. Far fetch (999.18 AUD + 10AUD for shipping to Melbourne, Australia)

-You get the black box from YSL

-Tax already included + 10% off for full priced items from the website

-Free return

-Also available in white and blue


  1. Selfridges (910 AUD exc taxes)

-Though cheapest, there is the chance that after getting charged with the import taxes the price might be higher than from far fetch, I decided to play it safe

-There were some negative reviews of the website including undelivered items and poor customer service, so I did not want to take a chance with such a pricey purchase.

-Also available in red and blue

Useful YouTube reviews

Similar bags

  1. Gucci Soho
  2. Prada Camera bag
  3. YSL Camera bag



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